What is ICAO Level Exam?

The ICAO Level Exam is an English proficiency exam carried out between the candidate and the examiner. This exam measures your ability to use English effectively and appropriately in aviation related subjects rather than your technical knowledge.

This exam is also known as the ICAO English Language Proficiency Test. Levels 4, 5 and 6 are considered passing scores and they are issued on your license.

The exam consists of 3 parts:

  • Part A - Personal Interview & Opinions
  • Part B - Audio Comprehension
  • Part C - Picture Description

You can access the content and sample questions from the relevant menus.

Test Centres

The ICAO Level Exam is conducted by the test centres authorized by the DGCA of the country in which you take the exam. To reach these test centres, you can contact the DGCA.

These centers apply different test formats. Although there are no serious differences between the formats, the question types will vary.

Study Documents

This website has been prepared to assist you in preparing for the ICAO Language Proficiency Test.

You can reach the related documents by clicking the link below:

Prepared by: Zehra Buberoğlu