How to Study

Part A - Personal Interview & Opinions

In part A, you will be asked both personal and aviation related questions. In this part;

  • Make sure that your answers are not too short or too long.
  • Make sure that your sentences are grammatically appropriate and understandable.
  • Diversify your answers by using synonyms, not always the same words.
  • Try to understand the question directed to you correctly. If you do not understand the question, you can ask for it to be repeated again.
  • If you do not have an academic knowledge on the subject, it will be totaly understandable to state that you are not familiar with this subject.
  • Remember, this exam measures how you express yourself using aviation terminology, not your aviation knowledge.
  • Answering all of the questions that may come during the exam will be of great benefit to you while getting prepared for this exam. See: Personal & Aviation related Questions.

Part B - Audio Comprehension

In preparation for this part,

  • Listening to as many ATIS, emergency and clearance audio recordings as possible will get you used to sky talk.
  • Before listening to the audio recordings, you can ask yourself questions according to the exam format and answer them.

Part C - Picture Description

In this part,

  • In order to explain what you see in the picture, it is important that you know the English of aviation terms, airport equipment, aircraft structures and emergency situations.
  • After the description you have made, you will be asked questions such as how the situation in the picture might have occured and what can be done after this situation.
  • You can find pictures about aviation on the internet and practice describing them.

Prepared by: Zehra Buberoğlu